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salt chlorinators

Is your swimming pool turning green? This often means that your chlorinator is not producing enough chlorine to keep your pool a beautiful shade of blue. Having a clean and safe pool for your family doesn’t have to be a hassle. By requesting pool equipment services from Melbourne Pool Servicing, you won’t need to worry about a thing. We have the right experience in the repair and replacement of salt chlorinators to get your pool up and running once again.


If you suspect that your salt chlorinator is not functioning as it should be, then you need the help of an experienced chlorinator repair technician. We can come out and inspect your chlorinator onsite. We’re equipped with electronic and pressure testing equipment to accurately test, gas pool heater repairs and maintain equipment and give you peace of mind. We repair numerous chlorinators every year.

Our service team will advise you of any potential issues and recommend replacement parts that are required to get your saltwater chlorinator back up and running. Remember that we come to you to make it easy. We also carry over 90% of the spare parts needed on-board, which means we can generally repair on the first visit. Prices aren’t hidden, and we charge fair rates with no hidden fees.


Chances are, at some point you will face an expensive repair to your salt system. This could mean either a new salt cell or a new control board. Both of these repairs can approach half the cost of a new system. When replacement is the preferred option, we can install replacement equipment based on your preferences.

It is most important to match the power of your pool pump motor to the size and configuration of the pool, spa and solar systems. We understand that not all pools are the same, so we recommend the best pool sanitizing system for your pool. After the correct installation from one of our technicians here at Melbourne Pool Servicing, you’ll be swimming carefree in no time.


AstralPool chlorinators

The range of salt chlorinators available from AstralPool will suit any small, large, commercial or residential pool. Designed and manufactured with quality components, you can be confident in your pool operation with an AstralPool chlorinator. As with pool equipment from any brand, sometimes repairs or part replacements may be needed. Severe weather events, vandalism, incorrect usage and improper installation can all result in the need for repair or replacement.

Here at Melbourne Pool Services, we’re a proud authorised service provider for AstralPool products, including pool pumps. If you have an AstralPool pump that needs repair, contact us today. In most cases, we can provide a same-day fix that will have you back enjoying your pool again in no time at all.

chlorinators warranties

E25 & E35
Salt Chlorinator

2 years


Viron Salt Chlorinator
With Bluetooth & VX -3 Series Salt Chlorinators

5 years limited

Control box including PCB’s 5 years pro rata
5 years pro rata
0% payable of invoice total year 1
20% payable of invoice total year 2
40% payable of invoice total year 3
60% payable of invoice total year 4
80% payable of invoice total year 5
Chlorinator cell electrode – 5 years

Viron EQ Salt Chlorinator
With Bluetooth

5 years limited

Control box including PCB’s 5 years pro rata
0% payable of invoice total year 1
20% payable of invoice total year 2
40% payable of invoice total year 3
60% payable of invoice total year 4
80% payable of invoice total year 5
pH and chlorine Sensors, dosing
motor/gearbox and associated
tubing/fittings 12 months
Chlorinator cell electrode 5 years

Replacement Electrode Cell

2 years


common faults

Not dosing acid

Not dosing acid is common and easy to fix problem which our technicians can fix on the day.

PH or ORP incorrect

This just takes a simple re-calibration using our on-site chemical testing kits to ensure the unit is operating correctly and efficiently.

Replace acid tubing

common cracking of the over time is expected and is an easy replacement.

No Water or No Flow

check the flow to the chlorination cell and that all filters are cleaned. Ensure nothing is obstructing the skimmer box.

Not Producing chlorine

Usually can be caused by either the timer settings runtime or the chlorination cell is not operating properly.

Low Salt

if your chlorinator is saying low salt and you’ve had the water tested indicating your salt levels are ok then give us a call.

No Display

if the user display is blank and there is still function then it may be a sun damaged pcb and will need replacing.

Calcified cell

all new chlorination cells are self-cleaning and if there is a build-up on the inside of the cell it could be an issue with the unit itself. This will cause the chlorinator to not produce chlorine and you pool to turn green quicker.

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