PH and ORP Probe

At the top of the list for regularly ignored pool equipment is the PH and ORP probe. Both of these need to be re-calibrating every 6 months to ensure your system is dosing and producing chlorine correctly and effectively. Our technicians carry on-site pool chemistry tests and can calibrate the probes the day of any service or for AstralPool EQ Chlorinator or Rolachem system.


What is PH and ORP?
PH and ORP are important water quality parameters that are measured by probes. Probes need to be recalibrated periodically to ensure accuracy.
Why do I need to calibrate my PH and ORP probes?
It is important to calibrate your pH and ORP probes on a regular basis to ensure accurate readings. pH and ORP probes can drift over time, so re-calibration is necessary to ensure that your readings are accurate. There are many factors that can affect pH and ORP readings, so it is important to calibrate your probes regularly to account for these changes.
What happens if I don’t calibrate my PH and ORP probes?
If you don’t calibrate your PH and ORP probes, you may not get accurate readings of the water’s pH and ORP levels. This could lead to problems with your water quality, and you may not be able to maintain a healthy pool.
How often should my PH and ORP probes be calibrated?
PH and ORP probes need to be re-calibrated every 6 months to ensure your system is dosing chlorine correctly. This is because over time, the probes can become less accurate, which can lead to incorrect chlorine dosing. By re-calibrating the probes every 6 months, you can ensure that your system is dosing chlorine correctly and keeping your pool water safe and clean.

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