Honeywell Gas Valve AstralPool HiNRG

Gas valves are an integral part of a gas pool heater system and are extremely important, as they control the flow of gas to the burner that heats the water in your pool. They need to properly set up on installation. Every gas plumber should be able to set up the gas valve correctly in conjunction with the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures safe combustion of the pool heater. Carbon Monoxide gases can occur and be fatal if these gas valve are not set correctly.

Ensure that the pool heater has been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check for proper gas line sizing, gas pressure and outlets for the gas valve according to the instructions. Position the AstralPool HiNRG gas valve according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
The HiNRG from Honeywell is a new generation of gas control devices that provide highly accurate control of domestic gas appliances. They work by interpreting signals from a Honeywell N series thermocouple (not included), which gives the HiNRG the same type of accurate measurement as a thermostat is given by a thermocouple. 

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