AstralPool HX Gas Pool Heaters

Once pools were just a way to cool down in summer and spas were considered a luxury item. Pools were great fun for a few months of the year and spas were considered costly to run. Today, more and more pools and spas are fully heated using low cost Gas Heating to extend your enjoyment of your investment. A hot, relaxing spa is a delight for the entire family. It’s also perfect for entertaining – even at short notice. With an appropriate size HX heater, your spa can be heated in as little as 1 hour and your pool in under 24 hours*. For pool and spa heating at an affordable price, the HX Series gas heater is the perfect option. Call or email us today for an all-inclusive quote which includes installation and a gas compliance certificate issued by one of our licensed gas plumbers.

common faults

F1 - fault on AstralPool/Hurlcon gas pool heater

This is when the thermostat reads over 45degrees. Could be due to overheating or corrosion damage to the sensor.

F2 – fault on AstralPool/Hurlcon gas pool heater

This is a fault with the HiLimit sensors either reading that the water temperature is too high coming in or out of the heater. We have found through our 10 years of experience that this is the most common fault of all the heaters. However we find that more often than not there is a leak from the heater which has caused the sensors to slightly corrode.

F3 – fault on AstralPool/Hurlcon

This is just a simple thermistor fault and more than likely needs replacement.

F4 – This is a fault on the older Hurlcon MX series and JX heater

Signifies a flame roll out. Best to get this checked ASAP as more than likely your heater is seriously damaged.

F6 – This fault occurs on the AstralPool/Hurlcon heaters

When the air pressure switch or the overheat HiLimit175 has tripped. Possible causes are a blockage to the flue which is causing the air to compress within the heater or a damaged sensor on the flue.

F7 – This fault is occurs with the Viron and ICI range of AstralPool heaters

When there is a blockage to the condensate drain. However we have found that after some time with the heaters condensing that the float switch at the bottom of the heater calcifies and needs replacement.

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