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If your swimming pool pump is not performing at its best or requires repairs, it’s time to call on the professionals. Melbourne Pool Services can improve pump performance and have it optimised for another excellent swimming season. We can suggest a number of actions at the time of enquiry following your description of the problem and symptoms. A clear estimate of the repair or replacement cost is usually possible prior to our attendance to assess or affect repairs.

pool pump repairs

Have you noticed weird sounds coming from your pool pump? Is your pool motor running loudly or perhaps hardly working at all? It’s probably in need of gas pool heater repair. The motor is the main component of the pool pump. Its key job is to circulate the water throughout the pool to properly cleanse the water. A broken pool pump will significantly impact your pool water clarity and restrict chemicals from circulating correctly.

We’ve been repairing swimming pool pumps for a number of years, completing projects of all sizes from replacing small internal parts to repairing motor corrosion. With our industry experience know-how, we can accurately determine the cause and exact problem of your pool pump problem and take immediate steps to fix it. We carry almost all spare parts in our service vehicles, so where possible, we can get it back up and running on the first visit.

pool pump replacements

If left un-serviced, it is typical for swimming pool pumps to need complete repair replacing many internal components. This can be quite an expensive exercise, and if the damage is extensive, replacement may be a better option than repair. Since the pool pump understandably takes a lot of strain each season, it may need to be replaced from time to time. We can install all kinds of pumps and filters for swimming pools in Melbourne.

When recommending a new pump, we’ll study the existing pipe-work and equipment before recommending the brand and power. There are many pool pumps with a wide range of horsepower to run the pump and drive the water through the filter. Energy-efficient pool pumps are increasing in popularity and can save up to 70% on your pool pump energy bill.

AstralPool pump repairs

All of the AstralPool pumps that we sell come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The range of pumps at AstralPool will suit any small, large, commercial or residential pool. Designed and manufactured with quality components, you can be confident in your pool operation with an AstralPool pump. As with pool equipment from any brand, sometimes repairs or part replacements may be needed. Severe weather events, vandalism, incorrect usage and improper installation can all result in the need for repair or replacement.

Here at Melbourne Pool Services, we’re a proud authorised service provider for AstralPool products, including pool pumps. If you have an AstralPool pump that needs repair, contact us today. In most cases, we can provide a same-day fix that will see you splashing about in no time.

common faults


usually a noisy pump is caused by a rusted or seized bearing. Easily fixed by our pool technicians.


pumps that are leaking can cause more damage to the pump and equipment is not attended too quickly.

Tripping Power

pumps that trip the power to the house usually have a fault with the actual motor itself. Whether it be a fault with capacitor or the internals or the motor our technicians can fix these issues.

Not Priming

If your pump fails to prime check the skimmer box or possible air leaks to the system. There might be a cracked seal or O-ring that needs lubricating.

Pump not pumping correctly

Usually caused by a loose union on the inlet of the pump or a cracked O-ring. Sometimes it can be caused by air getting into the line with a cracked pipe or something of that nature in the suction line.

Pump doesn’t turn on

Sometimes with the variable speed pumps they can overheat as a result of seized or rusted bearings. This can cause moisture inside the control box and damage the pump.

Turning off after 5 minutes

pump turns off after minutes is usually a fault with the chlorination cell not sensing water flow.

Air in the pump

usually caused by a loose union or a cracked seal. Also water level might be low in the pool which is causing the pump to suck air. Alternatively on extreme cases there can be a crack in pipework underground.

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