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Professional plumbers and licensed gas fitters who are specialised in AstralPool and Zodiac gas pool heaters. 

We can service, repair & replace

AstralPool and Zodiac gas pool & spa heaters in Metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

Melbourne Pool Servicing specialise in AstralPool and Zodiac gas pool & spa heating. We have been exclusively servicing AstralPool, Zodiac & Hurlcon gas pool/spa heaters for over 10 years. We have seen it all in terms of faults and fixes and will be able to provide you with an honest & quality service.

Possible faults with an ageing gas pool heater include corrosion damage, explosive ignition, banging on start-up, leaking and also the general wear and tear faults.


Gas Pool Heater Repairs

Have you attempted to turn on your gas pool heater only to find that it’s not working as it should?

Don’t wait for your pool temperature to spoil the fun. When you hire Melbourne Pool Servicing to conduct your gas pool heater repair, you can trust that the job will be done right. We can inspect the unit to troubleshoot issues that may be preventing your water from being heated to the right temperature.

Gas Pool Heater Replacements

Has your gas pool heater service uncovered some serious issues? Are the repair costs adding up? Is the system simply too old to be repaired? Installing a replacement heating unit may be the answer. Our precise, professional gas pool heater installation ensures years of trouble-free satisfaction.

We can take care of the entire replacement process, from the product supply, installation & maintenance and repairs for a genuinely hassle-free service.

AstralPool Gas Pool Heaters

AstralPool is a leading manufacturer of quality swimming pool products in Australia. They have a competitive edge in the supply of a diverse range of reliable swimming pool products. With AstralPool, it’s easy to invest in high-quality pool equipment that is built to last and deliver ambient year-round swimming temperatures.

Choosing quality products will help you to keep your pool well-maintained and save you money in the long run. Here at Leyland Pool Services, we’re experts in AstralPool gas pool heater repair. We can also conduct a pool gas heater service to keep them operating and in peak condition for years to come.

Our experienced team can take care of the entire replacement process, from the product supply and installation to maintenance and repairs for a genuinely hassle-free service. Every technician at Melbourne Pool Services is a certified employee, not a third party contractor like many other companies use. We will be happy to help you with your replacement installation. To have one of our trained, professional service technicians help you with installing a gas heater, give us a call.

Common Faults

Gas pool heater won’t ignite/Heater starts up then cuts out after 5 seconds

Could be multiple issues due to poor flame sense at pilot, water flow, split burners, water ingress in the heater itself, corrosion damage to temperature sensors. All issues which we can solve on the day of the service.

Gas pool heater is leaking

We see this all the time from various components from the heater. High chlorine is the number 1 killer of gas pool heaters across the state. Leaking from components such as washers, water pressure switches, manifolds and heat exchanges is a regular occurrence with most leaks being fixable.

Gas pool heater has low gas

Low gas occurs when the pipes aren’t sized correctly for the house, gas meter is too small, gas service regulator hasn’t been turned up properly or there may be a blockage in the gas line (water or dirt). If you know you have low gas it is advised to get back the plumber who issued the compliance certificate for the unit and get them to test operating gas pressures.

Gas pool heater makes a bang on start-up

Caused almost certainly by a split to the main burner. If this occurs then the heater needs attention immediately and more than likely requires a re-build or burner upgrade depending on the make and model.

Gas pool heater ignites and runs for 10 minutes then cuts out.

On the Pentair Mastertemp range of heaters this can be due to the thermal regulator having corrosion damage and therefor needing replacement.

Gas pool heater is noisy

This is usually due to water flow issues or the gas to air mixture not being correct. Check that water flow has no restrictions form the filter or skimmer box. If no success call us for one of our licensed gas plumbers to assist with setting up the heater properly with a combustion analyser.

Gas pool heater has carbon build up on the inside of the heat exchange

gas to air mixture has been incorrect on these heaters for quite some time and will need what is called a de-carb. A process where we open up the heater and remove all of the carbon from the heat exchange. Then replacing the firebox and main burner in the process to ensure the heater can no run safe. This is a major fix but required for most gas pool heaters with 5+ years of regular use.

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