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Any damage to your swimming pool or equipment should be inspected as soon as you notice it. At Melbourne pool repairs, we offer a comprehensive pool repair Melbourne service for all your swimming pool equipment. We can repair pumps, filters, chlorinators, automatic cleaners and most other swimming pool equipment. Allow our team of professionals to take care of everything quickly and efficiently to get your pool back in useable condition. Have you noticed any signs of damage to your pool and pool equipment?


Making your pool safe for swimming. Our pool repair service deals with all aspects of your pool and its performance.

Cracks, chips and even regular wear and tear can impact on your enjoyment of your pool. A damaged or worn pool interior increases your pool maintenance expenses and can cause expensive chemicals to be lost. A damaged pool interior puts you, your friends, and family at risk of cuts and abrasions while swimming, making it a less than fun place to enjoy some leisure time.

We understand the importance of high-quality work completed promptly, and you can trust Leyland Pool to get the job done right.

Rest assured we take our repair services seriously and make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.


Your swimming pool contains thousands of litres of water that could cause significant damage to your house, property and may even affect your neighbours if it begins to leak.

Even a small leak can turn into a giant and costly leak very quickly. Pool leaks will typically get worse over time, and if not checked, may undermine the pool’s sand base and foundations.

Melbourne Pool Services can rescue your pool by repairing any cracks, tiles or rust. We have extensive experience in swimming pool repairs, and once the source of the leak is found, we’ll provide you with an estimate to repair the leak.

In many cases, we’re able to make the repair during our initial visit.


If something is not operating correctly, your motors are have become noisy, or your tiling is damaged, contact Melbourne Pool Services for expert pool repairs. We may be able to offer you a solution or solve the problem with free, honest and professional advice over the phone. If the problem still can’t solved, we’ll be happy to arrange a time to come and attend the situation in person.

Give the Melbourne Pool Services a call today so that you can enjoy relief from the heat in a clean, safe swimming pool.

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common faults

Leaking pool equipment

One of the more common things we see on a daily basis as most seals need to be replaced within a 2 year period. O-rings should be protected with a silicone based lubricant once a year to prevent cracking and splitting.

Re-calibrating of the chlorinator or chemical dosing system

Through our journeys we haven’t seen many home owners who are familiar with the re-calibrating of PH and ORP probes. Every 6 months this needs to be done to ensure that our system is dosing and produces the chemicals needed to keep your pool safe for swimming.

When the system is in spa mode the spa drains

Almost certainly this is a valve issue. Whether you have automatic valve actuators or manual valves there will either be a faulty valve or the valve not in the right position. Ensure that your valves are sucking from the spa and returning to the spa not sucking from the spa and returning to the pool.

Flue installed incorrectly or not at all

Any gas pool/spa heater which is surrounded by 2 or more sides without a permanent opening needs a flue. Without a flue on your gas pool heater if it is in an enclosed area it can cause carbon-monoxide build up to occur which can be fatal for the end user. It is advised that any install which you’re not sure whether or not it needs a flue, put one on.

High chlorine in the water

This can be caused by a probe fault or simple need for a re-calibration. Do not operate a swimming pool with high chlorine as it is detrimental to all your equipment in the long run, including the gas pool heater.

Acid drum isn’t going down

Common in most installation this could be a blockage in the acid feeder tube which may just need to be unblocked. Also we recommend and acid dosage of 50% acid and 50% tap water to preserve the life of the equipment.

Leaking cartridge filter/Dirty filter elements

Filter elements are a pain to clean if not regularly attended too. Lack of cleaning can caused the tank to over pressurise and stretch making it impossible to take the lid or clamp off. We recommend sand filters where applicable due to their easy up keep and durability.

Sand Changes

We recommend a sand change be done after 5+ years of use. However there are many alternatives to sand now such a glass which cause for a more energy efficient pool and reduce the amount of lost water through backwashing.

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